Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sofia Sofia!

So it was the first day shooting in Sofia. Not going to lie, location shoots are tough and the heat was pretty intense. Lucky for me my first location was pretty inspiring and more than a little distracting.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.. 

We strolled down some gorgeous streets. 
I managed to find Mufasa along the way. He was looking suitably regal and completely ignored me. 

It was a quick outfit change ready for the next component of the show, which form part of my 'Sofia City Tour'. 

My favourite spot so far has to go to the National theater. Not only is it a beautiful historical building opposite a gorgeous fountain, offering a place for the daring tourists to cool off, but it's also a hot spot for creatives. Loads of people come to play chess, dance, draw or just read a book. 
As a child, I was more than a geek and actually quite good at chess... yes I did go to chess camp (give me a break it was ONE time). 
It started off swimmingly and I even got a round of applause a few times however things quickly deteriorated and the local chap got the better of me.

 Definitely one of the greatest things about traveling is meeting the locals. I met this cherub whilst drinking a cup of spectacular Bulgarian Coffee.


Saturday, 27 July 2013


OH how awful of me, it's been a billion years (11 months) since I wrote anything on here. I became sidetracked with life and .. well you know what it's like.
In my defense I went abroad to Asia to work as a News presenter for Fashion One for 6 months (check out my old show here). 
I think I must have the travel bug though as I've been contracted to travel Europe for almost two months, covering the major capital cities.
So this leads me to my current situation. On a balcony in Bulgaria looking out across a lovely evening sunset across the city.
Not gonna lie, I feel a touch daunted for the months to come. New cities, new place every night, close crew... but hey, another adventure to add to the growing rollercoaster that has become my life. 

Lets see what day one shooting brings.. 



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