Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Peep Show!

So last week I worked on Peep show. I say this casually but what really went through my mind after receiving the call was OMFG lakdlakdjlakjd!!!!
Although this job meant a 5 am alarm, it was one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life. Just sitting next to David in the makeup chair making light chitchat about the quality of the breakfast was hilarious and I struggled to contain myself throughout the day's shooting.

The most interesting thing about Peep show is the way it is filmed. I've become accustomed to dramas and films which are all filmed with several cameras from one angle and then repeated til you get the necessary close ups, long shots, etc from each position. 
The number one rule of acting is to never look down the lens as this obviously gives the game away to the audience. Peep show flips this idea on its head. 
It is filmed from the point of view (POV) of each of the cast so when you're filming you need to stare directly into the lens as if you're looking at the actor. 
The scenes is then filmed several time from each actors POV with the obligatory close ups filmed too. 
It is all done by a hand held camera with the actual actor yelling their lines from behind the camera which makes it a lot speedier than most productions.  

I'm not allowed to say what we actually filmed but suffice to say it was hilarious and David had the crew, cast and extras in hysterics all morning. Sadly I felt embarrassed to outwardly ask David or any of the other mains for a picture (SUCH AN IDIOT I KNOW) so you'll have to be satisfied by my weirdly stalker-like pictures and boring behind the scenes shots. SORRY


  1. So amazing that you were on this. When does it come out I cannnt wait!!!!

  2. Would love to see it!

  3. This sounds fab and lots of fun! I love your makeup here too!!

    Gem x

  4. this is great i love peep show



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