Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jamie's SW3ET shop !

As I'm sure many of the Jamie Laing Made in Chelsea fans are aware, last week saw the launch of his Candy Kitten pop up shop on the King's Road. 
It certainly made me do a double take walking into the store and seeing myself enlarged all over the walls, but it was fun getting into the 'pardy' spirit and hanging out with the other girls. 
Jamie has got to be the most hilarious boss in the world and genuinely see's himself as the new Hefner, albeit slightly more attractive. 

The launch was incredibly successful and I was glad that most of the Made in Chelsea clan managed to pop down and support their cast mate. 
After drinks, interviews, cupcakes and of course - SW3ETS - we all headed to Raffles to pardayy the night away. 

Has anyone bought any of the merchandise yet?
What do you all think of the store?
If you want to buy anything on line go here -



  1. Hiii, don't know if ya remember me but thank you sooo much for the photos of you and jamie you are such a nice grl! Can't wait to see you back on the show again.

    1. Hey hey,
      Of course I remember you and your friend were so sweet. Did you end up giving the card to your friend? Did she like what Jamie and I wrote? X

  2. Sooo jealous that you know Jamie. ILOVEHIM!!!!

  3. Fuck I wish i COULD BE ON TV

  4. You look gorgeous Henrietta!! And Jamie definitely seems like he'd be an amazing fun boss!!

    Gem x

  5. Awesome pics!

  6. This is so cool, was following you before MIC and it was a lovely surprise seeing you on tv!




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