Friday, 6 July 2012

Roma Roma Roma!!

I have to say that Rome is, in my opinion, the most fascinating of all the cities on our fine planet. 
Just driving through the streets upon arrival left me without words as I gazed out of my taxi, trying to take it all in. 
The first morning shooting outside the Colosseum felt eerie. 
There is such an incredible vibe outside the monument that is hard to put into words. 
There is an ambiance that leaves you without a doubt that dark things had occurred there in the past. 

We were shooting for Contiki Tours (again) trying to achieve the perfect front cover snap for their European brochure.
It was such a great shoot to be part of as we only had to work during sunrise and sunset due to the light and only in front of the Colosseum. 
This left us with hours upon hours to explore the city, drink coffee and be proper tourists. 

Even after several thousand shots were taken, the Colosseum remained my  favourite monument standing as a true iconic symbol of imperial Rome. 
Cannot wait to return!!!


  1. You're sooo lucky!!!

  2. sounds like so much fun..gorgeous photos! I'd love to visit Rome again someday

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I think this is my fav post so far x

  4. Beautiful pictures - I'm visiting at the end of September and this got me so excited already!

    1. Glad to hear I have had a positive influence! x

  5. Hi Henrietta! Im planning on visiting Rome for my 21st would you recommend a visit? Its between there or Paris and im really not sure which one to go for! Karen :) xx



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