Monday, 2 July 2012

Festival fever - Verge Magazine

With that festival spirit in the air again I thought it only appropriate to exhibit some shots taken for Verge Magazine on the subject. 
Also I thought you may be excited to hear a sneaky little rumour from the produces at E4 that there is a new reality show in our midst.
Yes you heard that correct, they are currently shooting a new program called 'Summer Daze', following a group of fun folk as they venture across the festivals during the summer. 


Has anyone got any lined up?
Tell me your favourites to attend! 


  1. Great photos. <3 your blog and you on made in chelsea! ! xx

  2. When is this out?

  3. Hair is looking fabulosa!
    We'll have to hit some festivals next summer! xx

  4. I am a little festival baby this summer. I'm heading to wireless this weekend, then Global Gathering at the end of the month and Creamfields at the end of August (with a cheeky trip to Ibiza thrown in between the two). Festivals are one of my favourite things in the world - I'm also considering a flight to a dessert in the middle of Spain in a couple of weeks time for a 20 hour festival. xx



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