Sunday, 29 July 2012

A change up

Hey all,
Sorry for not posting much or often. To be honest I came to a point where I felt a little chauvinistic on here and I don’t think that’s an accurate representation of my character. Or at least if it is, I hope to change it.
I came on here to disable my account but was incredibly inspired by some lovely comments that were left by people I’d never met. I cannot begin to describe how supportive they are and how much I appreciate every single one.  
From now on I want to try and be a little more ‘real’ and write about things more enticing than an outfit or a picture with a bottle of champagne.
I’m not sure where I want to go with this blog but let’s see....
On a brighter note, I’m absolutely loving the Olympic atmosphere at the moment and feel honoured that events are on my backdoor.  In fact I went down to Putney yesterday to watch the cycling which was absolutely fantastic.
I’m a big fan of Volleyball and want to shout out a massive congrats to the female team today!!

xox - Hetty 

p.s. if anyone wants to send me Olympic tickets I will happily accept them!! ;)


  1. Please don't delete your account! I like reading your posts. If you feel like you want some changes, then go for it. I will still keep reading.

    1. Waaay too kind! I'll see where it goes I'm just not sure if it's really for me...

      Thanks for the comment :) X

    2. Hello,

      Just wanted to say that I love your blog. I really liked it back at the very,very start. I did find that it went a bit "glam" for a bit. Was that The Londoner's influence? Like you said, too much champagne and parties. I think you seem a really cool girl. Keep up the good work!

    3. You're way better than the londoner. You don't need to post naked pictures of yourself to be noticed, but unfortunately you will be associated with her. the londoner is scum.

  2. I'm so glad you kept your blog, I love it!! You so stunning and such a great model, Henrietta! xo

  3. Thanks for your honesty - I would love to read more about the other aspects of your life rather than just the modeling and partying! You seem to have such a friendly and positive attitude to life which is very engaging, even to a distant Australian reader! I hope you decide to keep the blog.

  4. I think you write a lovely blog and I love reading it, it'd be a shame to delete it but it is up to you - I've felt like deleting mine at times. I would like to say though you always come across as a funny and down to earth girl, please don't feel bad about anything you've written! X

  5. So glad you're not leaving! Love this blog & you always look so lovely :)

  6. chau·vin·ist
      [shoh-vuh-nist] Show IPA
    a person who is aggressively and blindly patriotic, especially one devoted to military glory.
    a person who believes one gender is superior to the other, as a male chauvinist or a female chauvinist .

    1. Definition for chauvinistic:
      - of or relating to persons convinced of the superiority of their own gender or KIND.

      (I'm thinking she meant this definition, troll!)

  7. I just wanted to say, I read tons of blogs and I feel you come across very 'real' and I really admire that. Yes, you have a 'glam' job and probably lead a glam lifestyle too, but the issue with other bloggers is how 'real' are they to their following? Surely their blogs aren't a true reflection? I read these enviable posts and I question how much of their writing is simply just constructed reality. Whatever you do with this blog, good luck and btw you don't seem chauvinistic! x

  8. How did you make the 'about me' button!? I'm so curious! It looks really great, just wondering.

  9. I love reading your blog. Keep writing it please :)



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