Monday, 18 June 2012

Eram Day 1

Last week was one of the most interesting, exhilarating and ultimately rewarding modelling experiences of my life. 
Mid Tuesday morning whilst out and about in London town, my agent kindly called regarding a profitable shoe casting. 
In the casting I had to be obscenely extroverted, dancing around the office and singing whilst pulling faces.
It must have done the trick though as just a few hours later she was on the phone with the good news of booking it.  

The company was 'Eram' and the premise for the French commercial was to shoot a range of bizarre female antics whilst wearing their funky footwear.  
I slid down a steel slide, climbed up ropes as a feminine spider man, sang in the rain, jumped on a bed, smashed a tray of China, cuddled a teddy bear and whipped a man; all in TWO DAYS!

Whilst myself Laura and Melanie had a fabulous time shooting the campaign it was certainly a lot of work. 
We had to be on location shooting by 8am which meant hair and make was done at a time of morning when is usually reserved for intense sleep.
Luckily we were sent cars each day to make the journey quicker and more bearable. 


To be continued...



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