Thursday, 28 June 2012


What a hectic week it has been; trekking the streets of Amsterdam and Berlin, cramming week long tours into hours and days for the latest Contiki tours brochure.
I shot their European campaign last year when I went to Rome however this was an entirely different travelling and working experience. 
The aim was for the shots to look as natural as possible so the five of us were literally left to wander streets, buy things from markets and eat whilst being photographed. 
It was great as we were able to enjoy a holiday whilst doing all the cultural things that one might bypass if left to their own devices. 
I found Amsterdam to absolutely breathtaking with it's gorgeous canals, quaint coffee shops and their cyclist EVERYwhere- and I'm talking everywhere. 
Parents with three kids were regularly seen on a bike with a wheelbarrow type thing at the front. 
The red light district was somewhat of a a shock for me but I found it fascinating to see in reality and would definitely encourage anyone to travel there (maybe not pay for sex though).





  1. LOVE Bagels & Beans. Good find :)


  2. Great pics, you lucky lady! xx

  3. Love these photos - I actually went to Amsterdam ON a Contiki tour, coincidentally!

  4. in love with the gorgeous photos

  5. Did you go to any of the 'Coffee houses' ? ;)

  6. Where else did you go other than Amsterdam?

  7. Boating in Amsterdam is the lovely. I live in Holland and always take visitors to do this. Where did you go on boat?

  8. Amsterdam is absolutely my favourite place in the world! 2 and a half years of living there just wasn't enough. I'd go back in a heartbeat. And did I spy a bagels and beans picture? That was always my first stop on a Saturday morning. :)

  9. Where are those blue shoes from? Love them!



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