Friday, 29 June 2012

Berlin Ja!

The second part of our trip was Berlin and what a sight to wake up to - Brandenburg gate.
It toward above us as we sipped coffees and nibbled muffins, so wasn't too much trouble to look like intrigued tourists all morning as we pranced around it casually. 
The only glitch was that it was early and cold and we were in singlets. 
Not much of a price to pay for some undoubtedly stunning pictures. 
By lunch we were tucking into traditional currywurst which was, in my opinion, fairly disgusting. 
I was much more fond of the German pasta and a rather boring pizza we had later on. 

We had all bonded dramatically over the last few days in Amsterdam to the point that Berlin really did become a fantastic holiday with friends. 
I found it to be a mesmerizing city full of dark alleyways, graffiti-ed buildings and historic monuments.

Of course I had read about the Berlin wall and had studied the conflicts between East and West Germany in school but visiting the site itself was a completely different and bewildering experience.  
Standing next to the wall itself gave me chills remembering that these things had happened under my feet less than 30 years prior. 
The whole concept of a wall essentially trapping people seemed even more bizarre in person yet made me think of the current segregation in Israel/Palestine and how these occurrences are still a very modern affair.
I found the art work along the wall to be incredibly moving, hope you do too. 

In the afternoon we were checking out one of the coolest building I have possibly ever been into in my life. 
It was an old warehouse type structure that looked like a a bit of a drug inn - not that I've ever been in one of those, but I'm guessing it might look like this. 
There were about 10 floors inside each with abstract artwork, quirky corners and wall to ceiling graffiti. 

Next it was back on the train and onto a tranquil street where Dana bravely gave the skateboard a go. 
In not too long at all we had finished the coach shots and we having our final beers ready to head home. 

The trip was not only one of the most interesting modelling excursions I've ever conducted but was also one of the most fulfilling friendship wise. 
In this day and age I tend to meet and spend time with only new people that are usually like myself.
I've forgotten the days of school and university where you're forced to be friends with people that you might not usually hangout with.
This trip truly felt like that. 
By the final evening we were swapping life stories and had too many in-jokes to keep track of. 
Thank you all for an incredible trip with so many giggles and memories to keep me smiling for a long time to come. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012


What a hectic week it has been; trekking the streets of Amsterdam and Berlin, cramming week long tours into hours and days for the latest Contiki tours brochure.
I shot their European campaign last year when I went to Rome however this was an entirely different travelling and working experience. 
The aim was for the shots to look as natural as possible so the five of us were literally left to wander streets, buy things from markets and eat whilst being photographed. 
It was great as we were able to enjoy a holiday whilst doing all the cultural things that one might bypass if left to their own devices. 
I found Amsterdam to absolutely breathtaking with it's gorgeous canals, quaint coffee shops and their cyclist EVERYwhere- and I'm talking everywhere. 
Parents with three kids were regularly seen on a bike with a wheelbarrow type thing at the front. 
The red light district was somewhat of a a shock for me but I found it fascinating to see in reality and would definitely encourage anyone to travel there (maybe not pay for sex though).





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