Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Models Own

Yes I may work as a model but that doesn’t give me a natural idea of all things beauty.
In fact I’m not what you would describe your average girly girl so the idea of perfect nails usually eludes me.
HOWEVER I have a new product that makes me fit in with all the other models in the casting queue and gives me a general new found nail confidence; it is aptly named – Models Own.

Two coats of Models Own ‘French Pink’ no. 007 then a layer of ‘Diamond Top Coat’ no. 002 and you’ll be set for the week.

There’s a variety of colours available from most boots stores so I’m sure you’ll be a lot more creative than me.
You can check out some of their products here.

It’s also the nail polish they use in Top Shop so make sure you treat yourself while you check out the latest fashion trends. 

But trust me if I can do this so can you.

Good luck! 


  1. Gave it a go this morning. LOVE! Thanks :) Kelly.

  2. Will give a go. Emma xx

  3. my firend bought this the other day and said it was amazing!!

  4. wow I hope youre not a hand model



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