Monday, 9 April 2012

Oxford/Cambridge boat race

Did anyone catch the Oxford Cambridge Boat race on the weekend?

I was lucky enough to obtain a first class seat from a friend’s flat on the river and my god I never knew rowing could be so interesting!

With both teams neck and neck after ten minutes, the race was looking to come to an exciting finish when lo and behold a protester swam into their path (regretfully Australian).
The event had to wait another 20 minutes to recommence, by that time changing the dynamics of the race entirely.
Moments later Oxford's Hanno Wienhausen broke his oar in a clash with Cambridge leaving Cambridge to take a rather hollow victory... not before Alex Woods of the Oxford team collapsed! 

What are all your thoughts on the race?
Would Cambridge have won if the race hadn’t been stopped?
What should be the penalty for the protester? (bearing in mind he was protesting elitism even though he comes from a more than privileged background)


  1. It was such a joke. The entire race should have been restarted. There's no way Cambridge can walk away feeling fulfilled with that win and Oxford must be very annoyed. They were in a better position when the interference happened and the stop start gave the 'big guys' on the Cambridge squad the upper hand. But yes, was interesting all the same.

    Very much enjoy your blog.

  2. Hello, i live in France, beautiful photos for the Oxford Cambridge Boat race, the weather was not super ?

    ** **

    1. No sadly it was not very pleasant outside at all. Bloody English weather!

      You're lucky to be in France.

  3. you are very beautiful. thank you for your beautiful comment.

  4. LMAO.. How does one collapse in a row boat? #dead. I have always wanted to see one of these competition I am totally into it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Adding you to my list. Love the humor ;-)

  5. Thank you for the Birthday wishes love! I would Love to switch spots with you and live in the UK. Follow eachother?


  6. I'm lucky enough to be able to watch the race from the roof of my work office and this year was just a shocker, the only good thing is that rowing received a lot of press coverage but it would be beyond a shame if anyone decided to try something similar at the Olympics (for any sport).



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