Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Freakky Bride Girl audition

Today started out with a mid morning audition to be a freaky bride; so yes a casual start to a week back at work.
Whilst I love a good old fashioned girl next door dress and smile I’ll be honest, it’s much more fun to play a psychopath.
Plus they’re paying me to audition now; finally life is stepping up a notch!

The audition involved me acting out a variety of emotions the bride will feel after being left after the wedding ceremony.
1 hour after – slight panic, 2 hours after – anger, 3 hours after desperation and tears etc...
He eventually does reappear at which point I get to slap him (loved that!).
To be fair he did get run over by a car and put on a train to London but I’ll let you watch the show to see the full comedy of the situation.
This is my scary face what do you think?

After the audition down on set at Battersea, I enjoyed a lengthy walk through Hyde Park and my my Spring is certainly upon us.
I have the proof...

Of course England had to fail me and the rolling clouds brought thunder and rain by the afternoon.


  1. Wow the photos of the park are just beautiful!!

  2. Do you think you'll get it? When will it be on!?

  3. Wow you look amazing as a bride!

  4. I can't wait to travel to London this year. Coming from Canada!

  5. Where abouts do you live in London?

  6. Your blog always has so many weird and wonderful stories. Somuch fun to read! ThanKs

  7. Samantha Turner14 April 2012 at 21:08

    Love your blog!



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