Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Essex fashion week HuNnAy

With Essex fashion week just been and gone I thought I’d reminisce to the occasion last year...

With one of my closest friends miss Zara Hickey by my side, we took to the catwalk like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss... well we walked it anyway and had a bundle of laughs along the way.

It wouldn’t be Essex fashion week without the TOWIE stars.
Lydia was the only one I managed to get in a quick pic with and to be honest, I found her to be the loveliest of the bunch.
Lauren Goodger strutted around backstage as if she owned the place.

Janice Dickinson casually in hair and makeup.
She. Is. Scary.
Wouldn’t shut up about how she was the ‘first supermodel ever’.

The entire day flew by in a blur of champagne, fashion and celebrities kicking off a great start to a kick ass party at night.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the snaps... sadly neither of us were able to hook up with the male models, not for lack of trying (trust me!).



  1. Love this post! You both look amazing xx

  2. Love your outfits!!!!

  3. I saw that pink outfit on the Only Way is Essex!!! ha

  4. Lydia looks really pretty here. xo



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