Wednesday, 4 April 2012

BP commercial

Yesterday I began filming the upcoming BP commercial.
Twas a lovely day to venture outdoors but sadly I spent almost the entire day inside an old town hall with a boxing ring.

The new advert will shoot many scenes across England. 
To be honest I didn't really care about the boxing match, I just loved spending the day with my new bff Chelsea Collins who you may recognise from take me out.
Check her out here - Chelsea Collins Fanpage.


Unfortunately I didn't take many snaps of us shooting but here are some other behind the scenes...

Everyone thought we were a little insane on the tube home... I think we were just going a little delirious after 12 hours shooting.

Everyone thought we were sisters and you have to admit Chelsea looks a lot like Kate Middleton. 

Do you agree? 


  1. Kind of I guess.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Chelsea is gorgeous and definitely resembles K Middy alot! But what's more, I can't believe that a girl like you (gorgeous, fun actress) is so down to earth... I love your blog xxx

  4. Pretty girls!

  5. Omg she looks sooooo much like her!!



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