Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tesco Totterings

So yesterday was an interesting one.
I was sent to shoot for the new Tesco facebook page and mobile app; oh how the modelling industry is keen to keep up with new technologies.
Unknowing to me before hand, it was to be a film not stills and I had to play charades!

“Eek” was certainly my initial thought. 

Hair and makeup always makes me feel confident though.
Especially wearing the gorgeous lipstick personally made by my makeup artist Emily Rose (all organic!). 

Not going to lie, it was a tad awkward at first mimicking things in a “not too obvious way” to a 20 person film crew but after a couple of takes, I eased into it and it became quite fun.
Later in the day I had to film another sequence except this time I was not alone.
Actress ‘Lulu’ and I were on the same charades team and acting out shopping.

"Ha" I laughed at the time, "I'm pretty sure i can do that well!".
It was much easier and funnier to play charades with someone else and quite flatteringly, the production team asked us to do it a few more times than required as we made them laugh so much! 

We filmed out at Denmark studios, which doesn't have a tube stop - translation = middle of nowhere.
The nearest over ground is Grange Park and it is genuinely a rather quaint place, appreciated only after you get over the hassle of getting there.  

I wonder what next week will bring . . .

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


The other day I worked on the second season of the BBC drama ‘Silk’.
It’s essentially a six-part series about life at the Bar, the dilemmas and problems that modern day barristers have to face, and what it means to become a ‘silk’.

SO I know what you're thinking, what does the title 'silk' have to do with lawyers?
Basically the Queen's Counsel wears distinctive full-bottomed wigs and silk gowns which are also worn when appearing in court. 
It is this gown which gives rise to the colloquial reference to Queen's Counsel as ‘silks’ and to the phrase ‘taking silk’ referring to their appointment.

It was great fun to be on set as a prospective associate for Rupert Penry-Jones’s character Clive Reader although to be honest I found him to be rather arrogant.

It was a nice change to work with a female director as film and television crews are hugely male dominated.
Alice Troughton (director) who has also worked on ‘Doctor Who,’ amusingly told me I looked “not a day older than 16”.
Hey I’ll take it. 

I’ve read some very mixed reviews on the show with some describing it as 'cliché' and 'tired' while others labelling it 'clever' and 'witty'.
Let me know what you think of it if it graces your screen! 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The casting procedure.

For those that don’t work as a model I thought I’d give you a bit of information as to what a model’s time is normally spent doing, casting.
The event may sound glamorous but indeed it is not... though it can be a laugh.

For the record a ‘casting’ is simply a word to describe an audition like process where you get sent by your agent to meet the client to see if you fit the bill per se.
You take your portfolio, sometimes they look at it sometimes they don’t (kind of annoying considering all the hours one spends building it up!).
Sometimes you have to wait hours to be seen and other times you walk right in.
You leave a model card but they normally take a snap for themselves. 

The great thing about my job is that every day is different but this always comes with a flipside.
I continually find myself walking into mad situations in crazy locations that I have to accept as normality and soldier on, even when at times it may have been better to just leave.  
It’s certainly moulded my personality into becoming even more outgoing and gregarious.

I will tell you about an extraordinarily embarrassing casting I undertook the other week...
Before attending, all I knew was that it was a fitness company and they wanted to use the model twice a month for at least 6 months.
“Perfect,” I thought rubbing my hands together, that’ll be my rent sorted for the next year.
I had just completed a shoot for LA fitness the day before so was delusionally self confident for anything fitness related. 
Upon walking into the room and introducing myself, I was told to do my ‘routine’.
“You’re a fitness instructor right? Your routine...”
Now at this point most people might think it wise to admit they’re not an instructor and simply leave courteously.
Being the wacko that I am I thought “heck, I’ve done a gym class or two, how hard can it be?”
Ten minutes of my exercise ‘routine’ later including an embarrassing floor compilation I left feeling like a complete idiot.
They had to actually stop the tape a couple of times and ask me not to swear (how could I not with all the mistakes I was making!).

I don’t really mind though, it comes with the job and I take it on the chin.
Anyone else a bit surprised by the casting they’ve been sent to?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Essex fashion week HuNnAy

With Essex fashion week just been and gone I thought I’d reminisce to the occasion last year...

With one of my closest friends miss Zara Hickey by my side, we took to the catwalk like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss... well we walked it anyway and had a bundle of laughs along the way.

It wouldn’t be Essex fashion week without the TOWIE stars.
Lydia was the only one I managed to get in a quick pic with and to be honest, I found her to be the loveliest of the bunch.
Lauren Goodger strutted around backstage as if she owned the place.

Janice Dickinson casually in hair and makeup.
She. Is. Scary.
Wouldn’t shut up about how she was the ‘first supermodel ever’.

The entire day flew by in a blur of champagne, fashion and celebrities kicking off a great start to a kick ass party at night.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the snaps... sadly neither of us were able to hook up with the male models, not for lack of trying (trust me!).



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