Tuesday, 20 March 2012


This week I worked on the 2013 Hollywood blockbuster 'Rush' starring the ever fanciable Chris Hemsworth and directed by the brilliant Ron Howard. 
For those who don’t know, the film is a biography of formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash that almost claimed his life.
It was an honour to watch and be directed by Ron Howard and it was certainly not hard to get into character of being one of Hemsworth’s many girls; yes ladies he looks ridiculously hot in real life too!


What wasn’t quite so pleasant was leaving my flat at 3:15am to get to set on time. 
Anyway enough whining...
I can’t tell you much more about the filming due to infringement but here are some behind the scenes snapshots.  





Loving the fake crowd! 




  1. It's a Bio Pic about The 1976 world championship between Hunt and Lauda. Nice Pics

  2. You have a great blog! But it would make a huge difference if you just changed the design a little bit, as of now it is quite poor looking, which is a shame considering the quality of your posts! Just a tip :)

    1. Oh really. Thanks for the tip. How would you recommend I do it?

    2. Well, you might want to change into a more cleaner, simple font. Like Helvetica or Calibri, but that is preference.

      Also I would suggest a bit more personal/professional background photo, as your current photo seems to suggest a London tourist-info blog, whereas yours is more personal, lifestyle-oriented.

      Your photos are great, so essentially your post are good, but like I said, I would suggest changing the font and background picture. Perhaps upload a more personal desgined header?

      Nonetheless, I think your blog is great, and with a few changes I believe you have great potential to becoming one of the most popular lifestyle blogs in London.

    3. Hi there,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Whilst I think you have a great point regarding the background, I do rather like the font as it's more informal and engages the reader.

      Will definitely try and make some of those changes. To be honest I'm still very new to this so am just playing around with layouts and what not. Greatly appreciate your comment and it makes me want to keep going when you say it could be very popular.


  3. Omg I love CHris!!! DId he used to be on Home and Away?

    1. If you like him in this you should totally check him out in 'Thor'. You'll love that!

  4. Congratulations, looks amazing...he's super hot!! xxx

  5. Who's your agent?

  6. Hettie small world ! you should of told me you worked on rush! i worked on it doing crowd makeup! X

  7. btw this is rach from doing your makeup today for De Montford Uni ! X



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