Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nights out with 'The Londoner' Rose 🌹

What's the #1 requirement for a fabulous night out ... the gorgeous arm candy and widely succesfful blogger Rose Thomas of the Londoner. 
Mouthwatering food, extraordinary company and great music.
Enjoy some snaps from our rather cheeky night on the town at DSTRKT.  


  1. Need to say this anonymously as ... in fact all I will say is that my night at the box was a rather drug infused sex-fest with the most insane shows. I wasn't too impressed by the obese people they chose to strut on stage naked but boy was it a night to remember!

  2. LONDON <3 !!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. My dear friend and I just decided to spontaneously get our and bar hop on Saturday night. After a rather boozy evening of meeting guys and drinking cocktails that hinted towards Spring, we stumbled out of the Collection in South Ken to a friends flat party...a few elder flower martinis later we decided it could be loads of fun to bike home...about 3am now. As if we were tourists we eagerly paid for a Barclay's bike and biked home in mini dresses and heels from South Ken to Notting Hill without a care in the world...and we just felt so young and free! Not quite as crazy as ending up at a celebrity's private party, but for whatever reason the thrill factor was almost equivalent!

    1. I LOVE THIS!
      Do you live in Notting Hill?

  5. omg. looks like a great night out!
    food loos delicious and so do you two. lovely dresses!


  6. both in blue! Love your outifts.

  7. Where on earth did you buy your dress? Love it!

  8. I went out in Clapham, is that near?

  9. Stunning Photos!!!!



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