Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine’s Day

Firstly allow me to elucidate upon my feelings for Valentine’s Day...that it being a completely useless, over commercialised engagement that is quite frankly, ridiculous. 
I mean really, is there anything less romantic than society telling your gf/bf to do something special for you?


And no before you ask I am not a bitter singleton, I quite clearly warned my bf of my severe distaste for this occasion many weeks before, just in case he thought I would be impressed with a cute (mass produced) Valentine’s card or romantic meal. 
If you want to do something special, show them on an ordinary day that he/she is extraordinary.

Another thing; does anyone actually know what they are supposedly ‘celebrating’? Well in case you’re wondering, you’re paying homage to the early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. 
It became affiliated with love in the middle ages when courtly love thrived BUT even the lunatics in Rome though the idea was a bit weird (and you know those guys will believe anything) and was thus removed from the Roman Calendar in 1969.

On the other hand.... maybe if your girlfriend is Rosie Huntingdon Whitely you should probably get some roses! (WATCH!)

I have nothing against eating a delicious cupcake!


  1. Quite right, but then again...
    Anyways i have a briefcase full of your homemade cards and stuff and thats the way to go i think.
    Love Dexie xx

  2. That sounds rather lovely. Perhaps I shall get into the spirit a little more next year! x



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