Monday, 6 February 2012

The Matt Lucas Awards

The other day I got to work with one of the funniest people alive – MATT LUCAS!!
I still cannot believe I got paid to do this as I honestly would have done it for nothing.
What a legend he is.. and a delight in real life too! 

I was honoured to play the live model on the show as the 'inspiration' for the comedians. 
Although the crowd looks on excitedly when I come out in a dressing gown – presumably thinking I’ll get naked, their excitement is short lived when in fact I’m only there to bring out an 85 year old man ... in a beige thong!!!
What do you think of my dressing room....

The theme for the episode was ‘Smuggest Nation’...and go figure – China won.
One of their arguments was that Chinese writing is completely stuck up as it takes far too long to compose and looks far too pretty to be scribbled during an exam (fair point).

Switzerland and Britain were also nominated but you’re going to have to watch the show to find out why. Come on, I can’t give EVERYTHING away ;).

What country would you nominate and why?


  1. The French. They are so smug it's RUDE!

    1. They are a rather arrogant nation it's true.

  2. Great posting about The Matt Lucas Awards show - really looking forward to seeing it soon on BBC1 (late March I believe). Which comedians were on your episode with Matt?



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