Tuesday, 21 February 2012

London Reflections #1

My time in London was similar to what anyone would expect from travelling - tumultuous highs compounded with devastating lows.

I’ve met some amazing people, seen things I didn’t know existed and immersed myself completely into a culture that was unbeknown to me.
To be honest I wasn’t necessarily chasing a dream per se, it was more that I was running from a place that, at the time, I despised. The thought of hanging out at Robina Town Centre or clubbing in Surfers Paradise one more time made me feel ill. So even at my lowest low what pushed me forward was knowing that I couldn’t go back.

This realisation hit me while travelling in Thailand and I was at the top of a 50 metre bungee drop. After trembling like a complete pussy for 20 minutes, I was struck with the logic that there was no way I would go back down the lift - that would be a waste of money and just NOT an option. So with that in mind, I leapt.

So lesson 1. Sometimes what’s motivating you is not what’s ahead but what’s behind.
That’s all for now in my reflections of London....


  1. I'm from Mudgeeraba and I totally know wot you are saying about the GC. So much better overseas, STAY THERE!

    1. Haha. You're right there is much to love about London but being here does make me miss the ease of life back home. The sunshine, the beaches, FREE PARKING! You should appreciate what you have as the grass is always greener.

      I may come home this year so could potentially bump into you at the mudgee fete! x

  2. I'm from Brisbane, but I've lived in Italy for about a year. I thought I would never miss home but when I came back I really started to appreciate everything we have here. I still love europe (especially London), but home is where the heart is!!! Btw cute blog!!! :p



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