Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dulux Commercial

This week I spent two days filming the latest ‘Dulux’ Commercial.
I felt like quite the rock star being picked up by a car sent from the production company and driven to location.
Those feelings soon disappeared as I found out they wouldn’t be filming the girl scenes till ‘after dark’ ... it was 10 am at the time.

So off to a cracking start I met one of the male cast, Dan, who you may recognise from Coronation street.
We drank cold coffee, ate fruit and sat around on our bus watching a nature show... apparently squid are VERY dangerous.

The hair and makeup team were not overly happy with having to straighten my cave-woman-thick hair but they soon managed to make me look ‘fit’.
Although I’m not sure why they put so much effort into my lipstick seeing as we ate lunch right after (we obviously needed to refuel after the exhausting morning).

I had a lovely prawn Thai curry and olive salad finished off with cranberry pie.

So seven hours after arrival we headed onto set – a rundown house in the middle of Clapham. Whilst we were all happy to be off the bus, we weren’t thrilled shooting outside in the bitter cold with just cute jackets to retain any heat.  
They shot us walking into the party and chatting excitedly. It took us a few takes as apparently we weren’t looking over thrilled to arrive. Go figure.

Day one over!

Day two....

Day two of the Dulux shoot did not start well.
I had been fake tanned the night before for a fashion show and had had my hair curled so the team had to set about fixing my slightly oompa loompa skin for ‘continuity’ and straightening my locks – AGAIN.
No wonder hair dressers give me condescending looks about the state of my ends. It's NOT MY FAULT!

Yet again we had to wait around for half a day before being used, though lunch was insane! Check it out.

This time we were shooting in a studio and were filming the moment a group of guys realise painting your room pink will get you girls.
There was a lot of raunchy dancing and hair flicking, trying to make it look like the wildest party in the world.
The director asked if I would mind making it sexier for a viral internet video by kissing the male lead passionately. “NO,” was the flat response.

How cute is the Dulux dog? ... And so well behaved. But seriously, it was the size of a pony!



Tuesday, 21 February 2012

London Reflections #1

My time in London was similar to what anyone would expect from travelling - tumultuous highs compounded with devastating lows.

I’ve met some amazing people, seen things I didn’t know existed and immersed myself completely into a culture that was unbeknown to me.
To be honest I wasn’t necessarily chasing a dream per se, it was more that I was running from a place that, at the time, I despised. The thought of hanging out at Robina Town Centre or clubbing in Surfers Paradise one more time made me feel ill. So even at my lowest low what pushed me forward was knowing that I couldn’t go back.

This realisation hit me while travelling in Thailand and I was at the top of a 50 metre bungee drop. After trembling like a complete pussy for 20 minutes, I was struck with the logic that there was no way I would go back down the lift - that would be a waste of money and just NOT an option. So with that in mind, I leapt.

So lesson 1. Sometimes what’s motivating you is not what’s ahead but what’s behind.
That’s all for now in my reflections of London....

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine’s Day

Firstly allow me to elucidate upon my feelings for Valentine’s Day...that it being a completely useless, over commercialised engagement that is quite frankly, ridiculous. 
I mean really, is there anything less romantic than society telling your gf/bf to do something special for you?


And no before you ask I am not a bitter singleton, I quite clearly warned my bf of my severe distaste for this occasion many weeks before, just in case he thought I would be impressed with a cute (mass produced) Valentine’s card or romantic meal. 
If you want to do something special, show them on an ordinary day that he/she is extraordinary.

Another thing; does anyone actually know what they are supposedly ‘celebrating’? Well in case you’re wondering, you’re paying homage to the early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. 
It became affiliated with love in the middle ages when courtly love thrived BUT even the lunatics in Rome though the idea was a bit weird (and you know those guys will believe anything) and was thus removed from the Roman Calendar in 1969.

On the other hand.... maybe if your girlfriend is Rosie Huntingdon Whitely you should probably get some roses! (WATCH!)

I have nothing against eating a delicious cupcake!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Pure London

Girls Listen up ... Pure London is back!
Celebrated for its inventive and inspirational catwalk shows, this weekend Pure London returned to Olympia. 
The event is one of the UK’s favourite buying destinations where for three days over 12000 shoppers come in to view contemporary and premium womenswear, young fashion, footwear and accessories.  
I was working as the live model for Urbancode; a brand whose vision is to merge style into city life through practical designs.
The last couple of weeks have been absolutely freezing so what better way to bring glamour to a winter’s day than a faux fur coat and hat?

The event is any girl’s dream day out. There are over 1000 brands, 6 fashions shows daily and seminars from industry leaders; so you can assure you’re the trendiest chick on the street.

It finishes tomorrow so if you don’t get a chance to head down to Kensington Olympia then make sure you put it in your diary for August!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Festival Time

Today wasn’t overly glamorous but there were some rather whacky outfits involved so I thought I’d tell you all about it.
We were shooting a ‘festival’ scene in order to sell cough sweets (lozenges to all the Australians reading).
There was a lot of dancing, making peace signs and as the director would say, general ‘whooping’. By the afternoon everyone was in high spirits and having a genuine laugh, except for when the floating balls whacked into your head (all part of the ambiance).

The idea behind costume was to be as bright and loud as possible with no consideration for how ridiculous you came across... I think it worked! Which outfit do you like the most?


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